About me

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Maaike Lut

A dreamer. A believer. An entrepreneur. That's me, Maaike Lut. My mindset? Everything if possible, as long as you're motivated. I have one goal: do things that make me happy. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it's not always that simple. I've worked hard, and I still do, to be able to do whatever I want to: writing, photographing, traveling and be creative on social media. And that worked out pretty well so far.

I always have ideas. Creative ones. Simple ones. Complicated ones. My brain is always looking for new concepts, new ideas, new projects. That's why I love to get together with other entrepreneurs, with other motivated people like me. So we can start amazing projects together.

Interested to work with an optimistic, hard working, 24 year old creative bird from The Netherlands?