I've done quite a lot of collaborations with the most beautiful stays all over the world. I'm not an all inclusive resort kinda person, I love tree houses and eco lodges. After years of collaborating with great accommodations, I can honestly say that I'm specialized in extraordinary stays. Below you can check out some of my favorite collaborations.


Balcones de Majagual, Nicaragua

This gorgeous house was definitely my favorite stay ever. The house near the coast of Nicaragua is huge and has several areas with a private pool. The view from here is incredible, including an amazing sunset and sunrise. In exchange of a free stay, I uploaded three photos on Instagram.

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Lush Atitlan, Guatemala

I've spent two nights in this tropical paradise at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I had my own apartment which overlooked some volcanoes and a lake. In exchange of two free nights I uploaded one photo on Instagram and one article on my website.

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Palo Verde Hotel, El Salvador

This amazing surf resort in El Salvador is not where I normally go for. It's not a tree house or eco lodge, but a very luxury resort. However, this felt like vacation to me and after spending four nights here, I was totally zen. In exchange of four nights and a free surf lesson I promoted the resort with three photos on my Instagram page and one article on my website.

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Camp Bay Lodge, Honduras

I've spent a couple of days at the wonderful Camp Bay Lodge on the popular island Roatan in Honduras. In exchange of these nights I posted one photo on Instagram, did some Instagram stories and I uploaded an article on my website.