Coaching in social media

Do you want to manage your social media channels yourself but you don't know how? I'm here for you. With my experience in Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest I can help you with starting and/or growing your accounts. Here's what I can do:


Tips & tricks

I'll have a closer look to your account, so I can give you tips on how to do better. What about your biography? How does your feed look? Do you edit your pictures the right way? Do you use the right hashtags? Are you targeting the right group of people? Need some improvement in descriptions? I'll check everything.


Creating a social media plan

Social media is all about statistics and trying to grow the engagement and your number of followers by responding to those statistics. I will have a close look to your numbers so I can make a social media plan for you. We will determine which group of people you would like to reach, so I'm able to make a personal plan for you or your company.


Starting a social media account

Would you like to start an account on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, but you have no idea where to start? I've set up several accounts in the past. I will help you with the very first steps, so you kick off the right way.